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Five Tips for making house training your puppy easier


pettrainersnow.com - Five Tips for making house training your puppy easier

Lets admit it, of all the joys that come with bringing home a new puppy, house training is not really one of them . Training you puppy does not have to be a long tedious process nor do you need to worry that the house might be destroyed while the puppy is learning. Here are five great tips for making house training your puppy a bit easier.

The Details

  • Consistency is fundamental. No matter what kind of training you choose to do, you need to be consistent throughout the training process.If you want your dog to learn to do his business outdoors, you need to reward him consistently for doing so until he learns to do it automatically.
  • Establishing a routine is key. Dogs – especially puppies while they are housetraining, love a schedule. Having regularly schedule meal times means you will know when your puppy needs to go out. Your puppy will also learn to follow the routine.


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  • Take your puppy out for hourlie bladder checks.By taking your puppy outside frequently, you give him plenty of opportunities to do his business outdoors rather than in the house.Supervise your puppy closely while your home. Watch the puppy closely for sign that he has to go (sniffing and walking in circles)
  • Adopt a “potty” phrase. Every time you take your puppy to the designated area of the yard, use a word or phrase, such as “go pee,” that your dog will learn to associate with the area and with the act. Eventually, you will be able to use the phrase without having to lead your dog.


The Bottom Line
pettrainersnow.com - Five Tips for making house training your puppy easierThe bottom line is that what you get out of training your puppy is equal to what you put into it. If you are consistent in training your puppy and reward him for good behavior until he learns to repeat that behavior, housetraining should be a fairly quick and painless process.



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