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How To Prevent My Puppy From Biting


Dog-bite basics

Dog bites are commonplace for pet-owners. However, getting hurt by a puppy is not usually an issue, where if your dog has grown up and frequently bites, it is time to sit up and worry. All dogs have a basic instinct to bite, but the level of aggression often varies with the breed. Dog bites can be dangerous especially when the teeth of your grown-up dog are sharp canines.

Preventing dog-bites

Preventing dog bites can be a task that has to be considered from the very beginning and taking measures through-out the time you own the pet. It basically involves some simple ideas and steps, which can go a long way in preventing your dog from biting.

Pet selection—Select the right dog

From the very start, you should try and chose a dog of the right breed and from a reputable breeder. Since a great deal depends on how the puppy you have chosen has been bred since its birth, choosing a pet after consulting with a vet and checking out all the breeders near you area is a critical step one should take care of.

Socialize your pet—Train it

Try and make your pet socialize with non-family members and more people as much as possible right from the stage when it is a small puppy. Dogs which are not used to new people around them are more likely to bite when approached by a complete stranger. This usually happens out of fear.

Training your dog is extremely important and a vital job for any kind of pet-owner. Some dogs when trained from the very start turn out very obedient. There are special pet-trainers for this job too! Search for one within your area, and teach your dog how to obey you when you say “sit”, “stand”, etc.

Caution for the Family and the Pet

Leaving a dog that is not on a leash and not supervised in the vicinity of a child below 5 years is a big but often-made mistake. Don’t put your pet deliberately into situations wherein it might bite out of fear or discomfort, or some threat. Dogs often tend to bite out of a self-defence mechanism.

Take Care of the pet

Ensuring that your dog has been vaccinated for rabies and other diseases is crucial. Keeping it free from any sort of fur-infestation, and making sure it maintains hygienic health can contribute very significantly in preventing dog bites. This happens because health usually influences behaviour, so a physically healthy dog is more likely to be at mental peace and less aggressive.

Be good yourself!

Training your dog and taking various other steps to prevent dog-bites is one part of the story, whereas being a responsible, caring and good pet-owner is the other part. Be persistent in conveying to your dog not to bite, every time a bite is there. Indicate it that biting is a bad habit; animals have a certain level of intuition. Similarly, on occasions where your dog has shown some good behaviour, appreciate him.