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We Love Our House Pets


If you’re a serious animal lover like me, then there’s a good chance that you have some various house pets around your house. You’ll also probably have a fair number of other house guests all over your house as well. You know what I mean, all the strays and injured little birds and four-legged creatures that you just couldn’t desert.

That probably makes you a softy with all the extra house guests and your house pets are concerned, but you don’t care. You’re doing what you love to do, taking care of animals. So it’s a good thing that you went into a veterinary practice early on in your life. That hasn’t stopped you from collecting as many house pets as you can, though. In fact, you probably have more house pets than you otherwise normally would have, but since your house is adjoined by your practice, it doesn’t pose a big problem.

Having such a large number of house pets, you need to be careful about hygiene and spread of disease amongst them. You’ll need to keep a few litter baskets for the cats who deign to call you their pet, and you’ll need to keep enough food on hand to stop them from going hungry.

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Tips for various house guests

Cats and dogs should have their separate feeding stations, as well as their types of food. Both these type of house pets will also need to be kept amused and fit so you will need to provide a few toys which they can play with in your absence. If you have a large garden, they can then be free to roam around as much as they please and tire themselves out.

If you don’t have a large garden though and you don’t have too much time to spend on giving your house pets the right exercise, then I would suggest you look into how to fix that problem as soon as possible. All animals need exercise, and if they don’t get it, they will just become fat and spiritless which is appalling for them, as much as it is not good for you and me.

Another thing that you’ll need to account for if you have a variety of house pets and house guests of the non-human nature is whether they’re compatible. Otherwise, you might end up with a situation on your hands that resembles the popular animated cartoon shows, with Sylvester and Tweety. Throw the dog into the cast and what you have is chaos. Dog likes cat; cat likes bird; the bird has nowhere to go in the tiny cage. And when I say “like” I don’t necessarily mean it in a good way! So take care that your house pets are happy and healthy and that they don’t eat each other for lack of anything else to do