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Basic Kitten Care

basic kitten care

Your little girl has been asking for a kitten ever since her friend down the street got one, and you’ve come to the point where it’s hard to resist her pleading little eyes. So you give in very quickly and take her down to the pet store because let’s face it, you had always wanted a kitten when you were younger as well. Before you go and get your kitten, however, you might first want to consider what kind of kitten you want.

Sure they all look adorable with their big eyes when they’re still very young, but you have to get the idea that they’ll grow one day and you will have to live with your choice. And don’t brush off the fact that you’ll need to give the kitten care and love for a long time.

You might have only promised the kitten to your daughter on the understanding that she look after the kitten by herself, but if you’re realistic you’ll know that there’s no way you’re going to let the sick kitty go unloved when she does forget to look after it. And she will forget all about her kitten, care will be the last thought on her mind, and you will be stuck with the cat. She’s still too small, and you knew that when you gave in to the whole kitten idea, so finally like everything else, the kitten care has now become your responsibility.

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So how do you give your kitten care and love the way it needs to be done. Well, first of all, the love part of this whole thing should be very easy as you almost always fall under the spell of their big, wide eyes which will always seem to be staring up at you. For full details and documentation on what you will need to do for your kitten care, you should see your veterinarian.

They will also tell you what you need to do to keep your kitty happy and healthy. You’ll be told that you need to give shots to your kitten. Kitten care will also need to be taken to ensure that she doesn’t get into any scrapes or the like.

Kittens are also famous for climbing anything, and everything that is within their sights so don’t be too shocked if you come home one day to find your drapes torn from top to bottom because the kitten climbed them and couldn’t get a good enough grip.

When you go to pick out your kitten, kitten care and each and everything that goes along with that should be altogether in your mind. Your kitten should be healthy and well loved and able to boast to all the other little kittens it meets that he has found the perfect pets to keep him living a luxurious life.