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Saint Bernard The Medical Dog

saint bernard the medical dog

If you heard the words “medical dog” you could have some different thoughts. Some people might look confused; others might look amused thinking you’re pulling their leg. But others might try in vain to find out what it means, and some people might even accept you’re referring to the growing popularity of using medical dog tags as necklaces. For my part, however, if I hear the words medical dog mentioned I decisively think of the giant Saint Bernards who gained fame by rescuing unfortunate skiers from dangerous snowbound situations.

After all, no one has ever identified the Saint Bernard a medical dog, though that is the mental picture that always comes to mind. These gentle dogs are popular with many people and have long been considered a family dog. They love children and can live peaceably with other animals as well. They love as much affection as they can get.

As a medical dog in the present day, the Saint Bernard isn’t very utilized, but at the age when they were bred primarily for the purpose of coming to the assist of people in need, the Saint Bernard was in full demand. The greatest and most famous of these dogs was a Saint Bernard medical dog named Barry.

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The earliest Saint Bernard breed was bred with a short, glossy coat which made it easier for them to withstand the freezing weather conditions, whereas the latter kind of Saint Bernard with the Newfoundland mix sported a longer coat. This was unsuited to the freezing weather conditions as their shaggy coats would always be full of icicles. This made them an excellent breed of medical dog, and the first shorthaired Saint Bernard was kept for this purpose.

If you’re thinking about getting a Saint Bernard medical dog for your family, you need to realize that they grow enormous and extremely fast. So you’ll need to have somewhere that your dog can stay without ruining your house. You’ll also need to be able to give it enough food during its formative growth years as these medical dogs need to be kept always nourished to help in their massive bone growth.

As a family dog, the Saint Bernard loses much of the need for it to be a medical dog, but don’t close that door just yet. These dogs are brilliant and will rush to your aid if there is something wrong. Just like they used to in the early days of the 17th century.

You can picture it in your mind. The great Saint Bernard is making his way through the treacherous snowed in passes to save travelers from a plight of certain death. And don’t let it slip your mind to add the small cask of brandy around the Saint Bernard’s neck. That adds the final piece to your mental picture of the medical dog, the Saint Bernard on his medical rounds.