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Aquarium & Fish Keeping Tips


The origin of aquarium keeping can be traced back to thousands of years before. Ancient Sumerians kept fish in artificial ponds almost 4500 years ago; even the ancient Romans and Chinese people had the same hobby meant for entertainment. In numerous ancient cultures, fish was considered to be sacred for their beauty and agility. Even today, we love keeping aquariums, wondering regarding the source from where an amazing aquarium can be purchased.

I have noticed that when some people start out with a new aquarium they really don’t take into mind that a little research is necessary to maintain a clean tank and keep healthy fish. I was one of those people who thought it just involved setting up the tank and throwing the fish in and that was it. However, you will find from experience that keeping fish shouldn’t be taken lightly and I believe it is important to have some good fish advice before starting out or even while maintaining your fish aquariums.

I’d have to say the thing that disgusts me the most is some people really don’t look at keeping fish seriously. If you screw up, they can be replaced. If they suffer, they are just fish. But in my opinion, it is important to know how to maintain a healthy tank and how to care for the fish. They are a pet and shouldn’t be mistreated as with any type of animal.

This is why I thought it might be nice to offer some of my own tips that I have gained through knowledge and experience with keeping tropical fish.

5 Tips For Setting Up Your First Aquarium:

1. Perform regular maintenance on your filter to keep it clean

2. Properly treat all tap water before adding it to your aquarium

3. Rapid pH changes stress fish. Keep the pH of your aquarium’s water stable

4. Select fish that are native to waters having similar chemical properties (pH and GH) to your local tap water

5. Choose the fish to fit your aquarium: A fish needs enough space to swim freely, but the size of the aquarium and the temperature of the water also affect oxygen content and will determine the number of fish that you can held. lower oxygen levels mean fewer fish.

The depth of the aquarium is not relevant to the oxygen content calculations; it is the surface area of the water that is important. Coldwater and all marine fishes consume proportionally more oxygen than their fellows freshwater fishes


It Turns Out, Dogs React To You Saying ‘I Love You’ To Them


Your words carry heavy emotional meaning to your dog  

You probably already know that having a dog does wonders for our physical and mental health. It reduces stress, lessens blood pressure, and lowers the risk of heart disease. But it turns out that when being loved, our beloved canine friends experience similar magic. (As if we didn’t see that already!)

Canine Cottages spoke to behavioral experts for dogs to find out the true meaning behind licks, begging, barking and more. Then, the company from the UK put them to the test and measured the dogs’ heart rate to find out how exactly they react to given scenarios.

Their findings suggested that upon telling your pup “I love you,” their heart rate would increase by 46.2%. The conclusion? We will be showering our furry companions with loving words times ten.

(h/t: My Modern Met)

There’s some pawsome news on puppy love!

Image credits: Marija Bern

Canine Cottages observed that a dog’s heart rate jumps by 46% when their owner says “I love you”

Image credits: caninecottages

The same experiment run by Canine Cottages showed that human heart rates also increase by 10.4% upon seeing their furry friends. So our hearts jumping out of joy is, in fact, a mutual thing! And if your four-legged BFF is having a rough day (and who doesn’t!) you may wanna cuddle him, because that lowers their pulse by 22.7%, according to the same report.

Although canines’ heart rate can indeed shed some light on their emotions, one should remember that the way humans and animals communicate love is totally different. Among 10 signs of affection, Canine Cottages named the following: licking and kissing, cuddling, greeting, begging, showing the belly, jumping up, and more.

As you can see, cuddles aren’t enough, so don’t forget to remind your four-legged friends how much you love them

Image credits: Marija Bern

Image credits: Brukne the dog

If you catch your furball destroying your stuff, don’t get mad instantly. Interestingly, it can also be seen as a sign of love. Dogs do indeed steal and chew your stuff just to get that much-needed attention, especially when you’re not around.

When your dog feels like they’re missing you, they may want to look for an object that smells like you. Chewing on it can release endorphins and your dog will get more relaxed.

Image credits: Marija Bern

Image credits: Mantas Kačerauskas

Shannon Keary, a campaign manager at Canine Cottages, said in a statement that “It’s amazing to see that our dogs’ heart rate increases when they are told they are loved, showing excitement, and decreases when having cuddles, showing contentedness.” So don’t be greedy and let those words of love out. Who knows, they may truly have some magic power.

Image credits: Austėja Akavickaitė

Image credits: Aelita Senvaitytė

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Why Do Pets Itch So Much And Whats The Best Remedies



“Itchy skin” is one of the most common problems of dogs and cats. While there are many causes, it is always an inflammatory response to some stimulus. Once the inflammation starts, the skin is susceptible to secondary bacterial and yeast infections that make things a lot worse. Many pets with Itchy skin spend years on and off a rollercoaster of antibiotics, antifungals and steroids in an attempt to control the condition. These medications can help but can also have short term and long term adverse effects. The best strategy is to eliminate the cause. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Allergies to fleas, food ingredients, and inhaled allergens such as pollens are the most common causes. Fortunately, one cause we can usually eliminate is fleas.

The widely available products Frontline and Advantage are very effective in flea prevention and eradication if used properly and consistently. While other “spot on” products exist, I find they are usually not very effective and are certainly more toxic to mammals. Collars, sprays, and powders are not very helpful, and most other methods are equally ineffective. I have also found the oral flea preventatives Comfortis and Trifexis to be the most reliable of all the products currently available. Many people try Natural products such as garlic, brewer’s yeast, rare earth, and more. I find these products to be ineffective. The Pets these products “work” on are usually not encountering fleas, or they are naturally resistant individuals.

One major cause of itchy skin is inhaled dermatitis. Like “hay fever” in humans, common allergic dermatitis is caused by the immune system’s adverse reaction to allergens such as pollen, molds, grasses and dust (to name a few). The best solution is to remove the allergen from your pet’s environment. Since this is often impossible we need to control or limit the body’s response to the insult. Proper diet and supplements can help the body respond naturally and help modulate the immune system. Keeping the digestive tract healthy with probiotics, live enzymes, and proper omega essential fatty acids, as well as vitamin supplements and micronutrients, can sharply reduce the bodies overwrought allergic response.

Most pets are allergic to several things. Once inflammation starts, it multiplies throughout the body causing many changes in all systems. The skin undergoes structural changes which reduce its ability to serve as an effective barrier against bacteria and yeast that normally live on its surface. Infections develop which make the problem much worse. We must treat these infections before we can address the underlying allergy. Diet therapy and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine can often help in the control of allergies. Feeding a wholesome healthy diet that is not heavily processed is an essential part of treating allergies in cats and dogs. Regular bathing with medicated shampoos are another powerful therapy. Allergy testing and desensitization injections can also be very helpful. In fact this holds the most promise for long term relief with the fewest potential side effects. Designing an individually integrated program that treats your pets entire body at the most basic level is the gateway to relief.

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Some pets have widespread allergies to fleas, grasses, dust, and food ingredients all combined. It can be very difficult to give these pets relief. As with all allergies, finding and eliminating the cause is the ideal plan of action. This can be extremely difficult in many cases. Treatment is often like “peeling an onion” the outermost layers of the problem must be addressed methodically and it can take a long time to get to the central problem. Food allergies are difficult to diagnose. Often it requires one or more diet changes and assessment of the response. Does the pet get better on the new diet? If so, then we need to reintroduce the old diet to confirm it was indeed the food and not some other factor such as a change in seasons that stopped the itch.

The Bottom Line


Most pets eat some kind of dry food kibble. Kibble is highly processed and there are lots of fillers and additives that are used to physically make the kibble nugget. These are not included in the ingredients list and are often a problem for pets. Simply changing from one kibble to another will not help pets that can’t tolerate these processed foods. The protein and carbohydrate source in the food are often the main problem. Many commercially available pet foods contain multiple protein and carbohydrate sources. This makes it difficult to isolate the source of the allergy.

Cats have a relatively high intolerance for grains. They are not part of the natural feline diet and should not be fed to cats. Allergies occur when the body mounts an immune response to a substance it encounters. The body can only have an allergic response to something it has encountered before. This is why novel protein diets the pet has never eaten before are preferred for diet trials. A diet trial must be undertaken with strict protocols to be diagnostic. Randomly changing diets and hoping for the new one to help is generally a waste of time and money. Your veterinarian is your best tool for diagnosing and controlling food allergies and itchy skin in general.

Introduction To Pet Medicine


Just like when you or any family member is sick, when you find that you have a sick pet, medicine is what you’ll have to give your ill pet. Your pet is just as much a family member like anyone else, especially if they have been with you through your good days and bad. Some pets might be childhood friends who are now in their old age. Pets need medicine as well, so you’ll need to attend to their needs when they fall sick.

It’s easy enough to pick up a pet at the pet store and think glibly that you will care for it, then forget all about it as time goes by, but that isn’t being fair to your pet. It too should expect to be cared for and looked after well into its old age just as you would an elder relative. There’ll also be special pet medicine that you will need to get for your pet when he becomes sick.

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Animals are prone to the same diseases and illness that we are. Not the same, but more of the pet version, which is why they need pet medicine. So don’t feed your human medicine to your pet, as this could be tragic. If you’re interested in administering to domestic animals, however, you could, of course, become a veterinarian. These admirable people are the doctors of the pet world and will know exactly what pet medicine to give to your pet when the need arises. If you feel the calling in your body to look after animals and care for them, then this could be the path you were looking for.

This could unlock your hidden ability and set you on the road to a great career. That is of course only if you enjoy being with pets. If not then this job is not for you. However, if you have a pet, you’ll still need to be able to give your pet the prescribed pet medicine.

Look after your pet with excellent care. You’ll never find the same lifelong love and devotion from anyone else that you would from a loyal pet. One pet is worth a hundred people who will only stand by you in the best of times. So remember that your pets need medicine too, just as we do and give them the pet medicine they require.



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