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Pet Turtles What to prepare yourself for

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You’ve heard of people who have pet dogs, pet cats, and individuals who also have pet birds. You might even find that you’ve either heard of, or know of, people who have pet spiders, iguanas, and pet snakes. But have you heard of people who have pet turtles?

You might have, and be wondering what’s so strange in that after all, your graduate school roommate had a pet ferret. Then there was that guy who had a pet frog. None of these are strange in and of themselves because different people are drawn to different things, but I still found it odd when I heard that some people had pet turtles.

I was delighted and went down to my pet store to know what made these turtles so fascinating. Nothing. The one that I saw did absolutely nothing for the twenty minutes that I spent looking at it. A pet store employee came over to me and asked me if there was anything that I needed. I smiled and told him I was just browsing. I certainly didn’t want one of those!

The employee moved closer and asked again if I needed anything. He probably was wondering what I had been doing for twenty minutes in the pet store gazing at a turtle if I didn’t want anything. The light finally dawned on me, and I lifted my head from my intense gazing of the pet turtles in their display cabinets and gave the employee a smile.

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Telling him the reason that had led me here in the first place, I waited for him to give a look of superiority which would firmly put me in my place, but I was to be gregariously surprised. The employee gave me a smile and told me quite frankly that at first, he hadn’t been able to comprehend either why people wanted pet turtles.

Then he took me over to a side case that wasn’t as visible to the whole room and implied that I should bend down, which I gracefully did. Imagine my amazement when I was confronted by a large confined area in which there was a big turtle. This turtle, as the clerk told me, had been abandoned after its owner had passed away a short while ago. The family had brought it over here because they knew the owner and knew that he could be trusted to take care of it.

This was why people bought pet turtles. The majesty of the turtle awed me, and I was speechless. This fellow had been around for a lot longer than even I had been. I now understood the reason that made people buy pet turtles. There was nothing in a dog or cat, to beat the turtle.

We Discuss General Pet Health Questions


If you own a pet, then you’ll probably have many pet health questions. These can range from a simple, “how do I know if my cat is ill?” to a more complicated “what can I do for my dog who has cancer?” All these pet health questions and more can be answered by your veterinarian or even the important people down at the pet store.

Another good source for you to use to ask these pet health questions is the internet. Here you can find online vet websites which can help you in answering most of your pet health questions. You can ask any question that you need to know the answer to and be assured of getting a reliable answer.

You can even find other people who have gone through the same problems that you’re working through now, with their pets. These people might have found different ways of dealing with the same problem you have now, or maybe they could tell you how to intensify your present method. Whatever the case, you can be assured of at least some help from this tremendous resource, and it’s one of the best places to find information on your many pet health questions.

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Then again if you have no idea how to get online and would rather do things the old-fashioned way, you can always go down to your veterinary inpatient clinic and find answers to your pet health questions. The staff should all be able to help you, and you should be able to get reliable answers to all your pet health questions.

Another resource that you have is the library. This also works very well in your favor, but you will need to find the correct reference section. The information that you can gather at the library is vast, and it might be time-consuming, you can get most of your pet health questions answered.

This is also a good place where you can check out some books on pet health which you want to buy. Afterward it will be a simple matter for you to go to the bookstore and buy your reference guide to your pet health questions and keep it in your home.

If you’re a conscientious pet owner, then most of the time you will have a few pet health issues. This is good as it shows that you care for your pet and only want the best for it. So ask as many questions as you like, to make sure you give your pet the best care possible.

The Importance Of Grooming Your Pet

importance pet grooming

Since most everyone who owns a pet will want to keep their pets healthy and clean, there’s always a demand for information regarding pet grooming. In some places, there are special pet grooming centers available. In these places, you can take your pet to be groomed in luxuriousness while you go away and do your own business.

The market for these pet grooming centers has risen in the affluent areas. If you go to Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, you’re bound to see more than one of these pet grooming places.

However, that doesn’t mean that you too can’t afford to take your pet to one of these pet grooming centers. There can be one in your town as well; you don’t need to be living in Beverly Hills to have one. Otherwise, you could do what most pet owners do and groom your pet yourself. This is an excellent way to bond with your pet as well, and if they like the whole grooming thing, then they’ll be a well-behaved pet every time you mention the words pet grooming.

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Unluckily for me I had no such luck, and every time I even mentioned the word bath, my dog would run away, and it would take all my time just to go and find him and get him into a proper shower. One day I discovered that he liked showers, so that did make my life easier, but he still had that inbuilt dislike of being given a bath. I was beginning to think that maybe he was a cat in disguise because he hated the bathroom so much.

My private pet grooming adventures with my dog, however, led me to believe that taking him to a pet grooming center would just be embarrassing to me since at that point I didn’t even need to say the word “bath” he just guessed my intentions and ran away anyway.

I also felt that pet grooming was wasted on him since all he did right after the bathing process was to run outside and roll all over on the ground, thereby undoing any good that I had done to him when I bathed him. Pet grooming wasn’t for me, and it certainly wasn’t for my dog, but you should try it, perhaps you’ll have a more rewarding time of it than I did.

A Closer Look at Pet Birds

parakaeet as pet

You want a pet, but you don’t know what kind of pet you should get. A dog is out of the question since your apartment is too small, and besides it would just be closed-in up in there the whole day long while you went to work. A cat might be a good pet. It’s independent, it can take care of itself, and you can still come home to a warm body that will curl up to you. But what about pet birds? Did you ever think of getting a bird for a pet?

You didn’t, but the idea intrigues you. It’s not something that had ever crossed your mind, but it had unlimited possibilities. On second thoughts, though, you feel that you might go for a pet cat instead. Less hassle all around.

So you wander on down to your pet store one day with the objective of getting yourself a pet cat, or kitten. You walk in and are greeted by the sight of bird cages, bird houses, bird baths, and even a birdfeeder. You stop in amazement and look around just to make sure that you’ve come to the pet store and not a bird store. You’re in the pet store alright; there are the dogs in one corner, the cats, hamsters, and bunnies in other corners and all in their respective cages.

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What’s all-encompassing you though is the noise of the birds. They’re all going at it full-voiced, and you can barely hear yourself think let alone hear the owner apologize for the noise. He was rearranging some of the products, and the birds got excited. You are now glad that you didn’t decide on pet birds as your choice of pet.

You notice that you’re the only customer around and with good reason. You might also be tempted to leave and come again on a quieter day, but you came down here for a purpose. If you put off getting a pet any longer, you might not get one. So you square your shoulders, block out the noise and tell the kind little man on your side that you were looking to adopt a cat.

You’re taken down a long aisle of many-colored fish tanks and straight on past an array of screaming birds. As you pass the last one, however, your attention is caught. This one bird isn’t making any noise but is instead regarding you with a steady eye. You move forward, and it moves its head along with you. You move sideways, the same thing happens. Intrigued you move this way and that you are entranced in delight as this little beauty follows your every move.

That’s when you find yourself leaving the store with the very thing that you told yourself you didn’t want a pet bird. At least you can tell yourself that it wasn’t petting birds.



We Discuss General Pet Health Questions

If you own a pet, then you’ll probably have many pet health questions. These can range from a simple, “how do I know if...
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