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Do Siberian Huskies Really run away when their not on a dog leash ?


pettrainersnow.com - Do Siberian Huskies Really run away when their not on a dog leash ?

When i grew up we had a family dog or rather “extra member of the family” that was a Siberian husky female. Of all our family dogs we once had, this husky with light blue eyes called ‘Sasha’ was a truelly remarkable dog. I say was as she sadly passed away recently. Thinking back i remember that we were never allowed to let her off the leash due to being told that she would simply, “get a smell and her ‘wolflike’ instinct would take over and she would run away and get lost”. She would then be disorientated and lost and get even more anxious. Cool, i loved my dog so that’s what we did. Whenever we walked her we never let her off the leash.

The Details

The Bell of the ball – She was a beautifully natured and curious companion, loved attention and admiration from others.Yet she always had a wild streak, and i saw what was meant by ‘her animal instincts taking over’. But is this not all dogs? In this article i explore a bit about Siberian huskies behaviors.

pettrainersnow.com - Do Siberian Huskies Really run away when their not on a dog leash ?

The Siberian husky originated in north-eastern Siberia, and they are well know to howl rather than bark.
After doing some research i found that the breed is known to be independent, and having their own agenda, a tendency to roam and make escape attempts. Some articles even describe them as being “escape artists from backyards”. Huskies are very unpredictable and seem to just have that instinct in their blood to run.

Daily obedience classes has been shown to work but they need consistent training classes and do very well with a positive reinforcement training program.Huskies require a daily excursive routine, their great with children and very active indoors. They need alot of space, companionship and love and cant be bored.

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My recommendation is to that if your brave and have the time – keep up the outside behavior training, but Their just too precious of cargo in my opinion, to risk having them run away on a whim.So  i would personally keep my husky on a leash for my own sanity.



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